Admont Abbey Library, Austria

First of all can we talk about this picture of the Admont Library in Austria?

A book lovers dream, right?

So, this Spring I’ve got a few books, some of which I’ve read and others I can’t wait to dive into.  As usual I try to compile a diverse range.  It’s important to step out of your comfort zone and read around.  You’d be surprised at the things you discover from reading cross genres.  Having some knowledge about a topic that goes further than the tip of your nose can expand your view of the world, and create connections in the most unlikely places.

With that said, here are some pages worth turning this Spring:

The Fire This Time, Jesmyn Ward

I picked up The Fire This Time a few months ago.  What intrigued me is the fact that it’s an anthology composed of short essays, memoirs, and poetry penned by our present-day generation.  The book discusses timely issues of race, delves into history, current affairs, and envisions a progressive future.  It confronts the idea that we are living in a post-civil rights era or “postracial” society.  Jesmyn Ward is the editor of The Fire This Time and I recently finished reading her National Book Award winning novel Salvage the Bones.  It’s a great read about a family navigating their way through Hurricane Katrina.  I highly suggest both of her books!

Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday

I was attracted to Ego is the Enemy because of the exemplary stories Ryan Holiday draws inspiration from—they consist of the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Katharine Graham, and George Marshall.  Holiday discusses how these iconic figures conquered their own egos to ultimately reach the highest levels of power and success.  The book urges readers to “invest less in the story of our own specialness” in an effort to accomplish the world-changing work we set out to do.  I think we could all benefit from a  little ego checking.

No Matter the Wreckage, Sarah Kay

No Matter the Wreckage is Sarah Kay’s debut collection of poetry.  Some of the themes found in this book are family, travel, and love all recalled uniquely through Kay’s eyes.  It has been described as her journey of discovering herself and the world around her.  This book is full of moments in time made memorable through her precision of craft and creative arrangement.  A very interesting read and a good introduction to poetry if you’re new to it!

The Rules do not Apply, Ariel Levy

I found The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy through Belletrist, an online book club curated by Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss.  They feature a new book every month, and post author interviews as well.  You should definitely check them out!  This particular book is a memoir that recounts Levy’s unconventional life.  It’s a story of resilience that explores a woman navigating the world while the traditional rules of work, love and womanhood are shifting.

What are you reading this Spring?  I’m always look for something new, even if it’s a well-loved classic I have yet to stumble upon.  Let me know!  


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