LipSense First Love

LipSense, First Love, Strawberry Shortcake

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a lip product that’s been rapidly gaining a cult following.  After hearing a lot of buzz, I was excited to receive a LipSense starter kit from Valley LipChick!  I decided to go with the colors First Love (a matte, neutral nude) and Strawberry Shortcake (a cool, red/dark pink)—both shades in the realm of my usual go-tos.

I love lipstick, and when I wear makeup my look doesn’t feel complete without it.  With that being said, I’ve tried just about every brand and I definitely have my favorites.  This had to impress in order for me to write about it!  I would never promote anything I haven’t tried and loved.

I decided to run both colors through the gamut to see how they held up.  I applied First Love at about 9 am before heading out for the day.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the color.  It really is that perfect nude shade you’re forever searching for.

The first thing I noticed after applying was that the texture wasn’t sticky or dry like some long wearing lipsticks or stains tend to be.  Of course, I just had to do the test where you smudge your fingers across your mouth to see if it would budge—it didn’t.

While I was at the gym I forgot I even had it on and took a sip from my water bottle.  I was honestly surprised not to see ‘First Love’ all over the opening.  Whenever I put on lipstick, I hate that I can’t eat/drink anything without ruining it, and having to reapply.  I continued about my day, ran errands, ate lunch, and went to my daughter’s soccer game where I was melting in the heat.  I forgot I even had product on my lips when my daughter asked, “are you trying out that LipSense stuff?”  I was shocked that it was 7:30 pm and it was still visible on my lips!  Typically, I would’ve applied my lipstick in the morning, then spent the rest of the day reapplying, or just abandon it all together.  When I got home that night I washed my face and used a makeup wipe to remove my LipSense.  It came off easily, which I was happy about too.  I felt the texture of my lips and they weren’t dry or flaky at all.

LipSense Strawberry Shortcake

The day I tried out the color Strawberry Shortcake I went to La Vie Salon & Spa where I received a lot of inquiries about LipSense.  Most of the girls there had seen it on Pinterest or heard about it from friends.  Of course, I excitedly said, “watch this,” and rubbed the back of my hand all over my lips to let them see that nothing had transferred or budged.  They were as impressed as I was the first time I did it!  I even had them feel my lips to see how smooth they were.  I told them about the different colors available and types of coverage (sheer, matte, shimmer).  Now they’re all intrigued and eager to try!

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

So far, I’ve had a great experience with LipSense, and I can see why its following is growing substantially.  It’s perfect for everyday wear, or an event like a wedding/party where you don’t want to keep touching up your lipstick.  One thing I really loved—as the day went on, the color never faded or left that annoying outline that tends to happen with other lip products.

LipSense is definitely dominating my makeup bag at the moment!

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

LipSense, Strawberry Shortcake, First Love


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