Everything you want to know about Microblading


A few weeks ago I had microblading done on my brows and a lot of you had questions.  I decided to go straight to the source by sitting down for a chat with Sarai Santiago, co-founder of Beauty Mark Brows.


With 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Sarai saw a gap in the market and realized there was a strong demand for microblading instruction.  Three years ago, with the help of her sister-in-law, and brother she began experimenting with different custom-made needles and colors.  After gaining a clientele, Sarai and Beauty Mark Brows now travel the country, and teach courses to those eager to offer the service to their own clients.


When I sat down to interview Sarai, I had no clue I was talking to a total badass business woman!  The Beauty Mark Brows team is rapidly expanding, and they’re constantly on the go sharing their knowledge in cities nationwide.  Their branding is on point with a complete color line labeled after iconic Hollywood beauties—Audrey, Marilyn, Sofia, Lucy, and Liz.  How fun and creative is that?!  All of their products, manuals, and tools are custom-designed and bear the Beauty Mark Brows logo.  Perfection.

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Not only am I inspired by Sarai’s business savvy, but the woman is the brow QUEEN when it comes to mircoblading.  She’s a truly talented powerhouse, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn more about her & the awesome work that she does.  I wish the Beauty Mark Brows team much success, and can’t wait to see what their future holds!

Let’s get to it . . . .



Let’s start with the basics, what is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure performed using a small, manual blade made out of pins.  The blade penetrates three layers deep, and deposits pigment into the epidermis.  The technician uses strokes to simulate natural brow hairs.

How is it different than tattooing?  

Microblading penetrates the first three layers of skin, while tattooing goes seven layers deep.  The pigment only reaches superficial layers of skin that will eventually shed and regenerate, which leads to dilution of color and fading.

Is it painful?     

There are two numbing agents used to take the edge off the pain.  After the second is applied there should be little to no discomfort felt.  Clients compare the sensation to a long tweeze or threading.  Afterwards you will experience tenderness comparable to that of a sunburn.

How long does it take to do?

It takes about two hours from start to finish.  The first hour is used for customizing the brow shape, numbing, and selecting the perfect color.  The actual mircoblading is generally performed within 45 minutes.

What is the healing process and aftercare like? 

On the first day, the color will be dark and crisp.  For the first five days you want to keep your brows completely dry.  Avoid the sauna, intense cardio, the pool, and do your best to keep water away from them in the shower.  Within the next couple of days the color will intensify, and begin to form small scabs.  Do not pick the scabs, they will fall off little by little.  After the first five days, you can use a thin coat of Aquaphor ointment.  Once the scabbing has subsided (about 4-5 days), you are free to wear brow makeup and it’s business as usual.  Sunscreen is highly recommended to prevent premature fading.

When do you come back for your first touch-up, and what happens at that appointment?

Microblading is performed as a two-step process.  The first appointment is where the foundation of your brows is laid.  During the second touch-up appointment any necessary adjustments are made.  The technician will check to make sure things have healed properly, and that the shape is symmetrical.  At this point the brows can be made darker, and given more dimension as well.  If there are any spots that didn’t take, they can be filled in.  The appointment should take one hour, and it’s included in the price of your initial microblading session.

How long does it last?

It depends on your skin.  Oily skin tends to act as a carrier, and the color fades quicker than it does with dry skin types.  A touch-up is recommended once a year, and that appointment costs less than the initial session.

How much does it cost?

Right now Beauty Mark Brows is running a “summer bestie” special through July.  It’s you and a friend for the price of $800.  We are also offering a 10% discount for The Gold Script readers—use promo code GOLDSCRIPT when booking an appointment!

Who should get microblading?

A good candidate is someone looking for fuller, or bolder brows.  People with alopecia have great results, and also those who have been through chemotherapy, but they have to wait at least six months post treatment.  People who should not get microblading are those on prescribed blood thinners.  Smokers are advised to cut down frequency or quit during the healing process (just quit! ;)).  Pregnant and nursing women cannot use numbing agents so they aren’t good candidates either.  Diabetics are typically required to get a doctors consent before hand.  Anyone in doubt, or questioning whether it’s right for them should always consult their doctor.

OK, how can we connect with you and schedule an appointment?!

Website: beautymarkbrows.com

Facebook: Beauty Mark Brows


Snapchat: beautymarkbrows

If you have unanswered questions, or want to know more about my personal experience with microblading, feel free to email me at thegoldscript@gmail.com or leave a comment!







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